Windows 7: Installer encountered an error: 0xc8000222

I fixed this issue for a customer this morning on a Windows 7 machine. When you loaded Windows Update, it’d say no updates are available despite the fact the machine had no service pack installed (SP1 is the latest release at the time of writing).

I tried to install the System Update Readiness Tool but was presented with the error “Installer encountered an error: 0xc8000222”.

The fault was caused by a corrupted SoftwareDistribution folder. So if you rename or delete %windir%\SoftwareDistribution and then try Windows Update or the System Update Readiness Tool, the problem is then fixed.

Supposedly the same issue can occur on Windows Vista and would have the same fix.

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  1. Oh thank you SO much! I thought i checked all the Internets in the world looking for a solution when I suddenly found this page. Thank you again , you’re a genius 😉

  2. Grosssoooooo!”!”! … desde Buenos Aires.. muchas gracias.. no podía instalar el windows xp mode.. que es una actualización.. y se la tengo que entregar a un cliente en unas horas… me salvaste..

    Grosss! … from Buenos Aires .. thank you very much .. I could not install windows xp mode .. which is an update .. and I have to deliver to a customer in a few hours … save me ..

  3. I cannot delete the softwaredistribution folder. Its says that it is in use and I cannot find it in task manager for me to end it. Thanks in advance.

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  5. if the softwaredistribution folder is in use and windows wont let you rename/delete it, the Windows Update Service is locking the folder. Go to Services (rt clk computer, manage, then expand Services to scroll to the bottom) and Stop the Windows Update Service. You can then rename/delete the softwaredistribution folder. Once renamed/deleted, then you will need to Start the Windows Update Service.

  6. jefe muchisimas gracias, le di vueltas a toda la red hasta que encontre tu post, eres un genio…

    ENGLISH: many thanks boss, I gave him the whole network around until I found your post, you’re a genius …

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