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Well there has been some developments in rooting the Noontec A9. rodos15 on xda-forums posted about how to install files into Noontec supplied firmware for the Noontec A9. rodos15 also posted about the Media-Tech clone device and the 1.2.07 build firmware they offer.

Nobody else has posted a complete firmware image where you can just perform a firmware upgrade as you do with Noontec firmware. So I did.

In my opinion use the 1.2.07 build. Its better and has newer software pre-installed. There is more support for USB Webcams for one and support for USB Keyboards is improved.

Extract the update.img file from the ZIP to the root of an SD card, then put that SD card in your Noontec A9 which is switched on. When asked, install the firmware update. Your data will be wiped as with other firmware updates. After the device reboots, installs firmware, and reboots again, you will have Superuser preinstalled as well as a functional su binary.

I briefly tried to get cifs.ko working with no luck. I’ll look at this eventually I’m sure, but right now I don’t really have the time. My 1.2.07 build comes with a non-functional cifs.ko

Given that nobody else is doing it and I now have the tools to do it, I guess I’ll start shipping my own firmware builds for the Noontec A9. My blog is the best place to check for updates.

As another plus I managed to dribble some crap on xda-forums so I no longer have moderator restrictions. Yehaw.

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