Superuser for Noontec A9, UMAX A9 & Media-Tech Media-Droid HQ

Well there has been some developments in rooting the Noontec A9. rodos15 on xda-forums posted about how to install files into Noontec supplied firmware for the Noontec A9. rodos15 also posted about the Media-Tech clone device and the 1.2.07 build firmware they offer.

Nobody else has posted a complete firmware image where you can just perform a firmware upgrade as you do with Noontec firmware. So I did.

In my opinion use the 1.2.07 build. Its better and has newer software pre-installed. There is more support for USB Webcams for one and support for USB Keyboards is improved.

Extract the update.img file from the ZIP to the root of an SD card, then put that SD card in your Noontec A9 which is switched on. When asked, install the firmware update. Your data will be wiped as with other firmware updates. After the device reboots, installs firmware, and reboots again, you will have Superuser preinstalled as well as a functional su binary.

I briefly tried to get cifs.ko working with no luck. I’ll look at this eventually I’m sure, but right now I don’t really have the time. My 1.2.07 build comes with a non-functional cifs.ko

Given that nobody else is doing it and I now have the tools to do it, I guess I’ll start shipping my own firmware builds for the Noontec A9. My blog is the best place to check for updates.

As another plus I managed to dribble some crap on xda-forums so I no longer have moderator restrictions. Yehaw.

23 thoughts on “Superuser for Noontec A9, UMAX A9 & Media-Tech Media-Droid HQ

  1. Hi fron Spain
    New version 1.2.08 CN36 Beta ( You are very fast wiht 1.2.09 😉 )

    I don’t could extract files with wendal tools on firm >1.2.04

    You know why?

  2. Hi from Spain

    New version 1.2.08 CN36 Beta ( You are very fast wiht 1.2.09 😉 )

    I don’t could extract files with wendal tools on firm >1.2.04

    You know why?

  3. Hi, I apologise for going slightly off topic here, but you are the only person I can find that seems to know what they are talking about!

    Simple question – is it possible to install android 4 on the noontec a9?

    Thanks in advance.


  4. Hi, and thank you for all. The installation of the firmware is like the official one, or I must install it with other process.

    Thank you in advance.

  5. Hi, I have a Noontec N5 NAS/Media box and there 3 problems for me:
    10,000 song limit – NBG for my 20,000 track library
    Doesn’t support iTunes clients (*nix players work fine)- may be using mt-daapd.
    Can’t ssh to the box
    Any chance of getting a hacked firmware image that allows SU privileges ?

  6. I have a Noontec A9 that i have flashed with ICS 4.0.4 update_RK2918_Android4.0_DDR512M_456M_20120604.img

    using RKBatchTool

    From here:

    The firmware is realy good BUT I cant get root access…

    Tried installing superuser etc with no luck :'(

    Does anyone know how to root this firmware or is there an alternitive rooted ICS 4.0.4 ROM out???


  7. @Verg0

    I tried to update my noontec a9 with that version of ICS, but without success.
    I get stuck in the process.

    I followed the step by step guide, but without success.

    How did you do?

  8. I’m just subscribing to the comments because, as Steve, I also wan’t to download the files.

    I would be very glad if you re-uploaded them!

    Thanks in advance!

  9. why ohh why would you place the files the the most undownloadable place on the internet?
    Is there an alternative download site… that works… please “with a cherry on top”?

    Minus doesn’t allow you to download, if you think “maybe i need an account” and decide to “sign in”, you get a download app from app store… humm maybe this odd stuff requires you to use your phone to create an acount first!!!! then you try and download it to your phone and the download doesn’t finish! If it was a riddle it would be easyer.

    If you need a place to put your stuff I’ll provide you an account at my server, but please please please… drop this minus crap.

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