Cracking Windows 7 Service Pack 1

Well I finally got my Windows 7 Ultimate machine cracked. I ran into some trouble because I had previously used RemoveWAT and Chew-WGA and the WGA files had been modified. But it was easy to fix these, it was actually harder to track down how to fix these.

  • I installed Service Pack 1
  • I ran WGA Fix. This rebooted my computer after running for 5 minutes or so.
  • I installed Windows Loader 1.9.7 by Daz with the ASUS SLIC, ASUS Certificate, ASUS Serial & Ignore SLIC option set. I used all the ASUS options as I have an ASUS mainboard. Daz tends to recommend to use the default Acer SLIC, Certificate & Serial. Windows Loader rebooted my computer after less than a minute.
  • I validated my computer on the Microsoft website in Internet Explorer. It passed.
  • I right clicked on the desktop, selected personalize, and picked out the Windows 7 Aero Theme to repair the theme damage caused by the not genuine notices

Cracked Windows 7 and Service Pack 1

win7notgenuineSo I installed Service Pack 1 on my machine which runs a cracked copy of Windows 7 Ultimate. I now get the not genuine notices.

Windows Loader by Daz 1.9.7 supposedly can crack Service Pack 1 however it hasn’t worked for me.

This also means that both RemoveWAT and Chew-WGA have been defeated.

For now I’ll leave it but I will eventually look into how to get rid of these not genuine notices and blog about it.

Cracking Windows 7

Many are running the BiE-DVD editions of Windows 7 and have received the not genuine notices after having it installed for a few months.

RemoveWAT was a great way of removing the Windows activation technologies however it seems this has now been defeated.

Chew-WGA seems to be the new method.

Its also worthwhile to note that there are counterfeit copies of Windows 7 being sold on the Internet. Generally if its a retail copy and sells for not even half the cost of the retail editions in store – its counterfeit.