What ever happened to irc.criten.net ?

I blogged last month about how IRC is dead for me.

Back in 2000 criten.net was a newly formed IRC network. Primarily users of this network were after warez.

I inadvertently registered criten.org and renamed my IRC server to irc.criten.org in 2002, without even being aware of criten.net’s existance. I did this because I had been using the nickname “criten” for some time.

So for nearly a decade my IRCd was becoming victim of non-english speaking foreigners mistyping the server address and connecting to my server instead, and would then try to seek or distribute warez.

One of these incidents saw my IRCd unsuccessfully become the victim of a denial of service attack for a period of a few minutes (until they realized it wasn’t maxing out my Internet).

criten.net had its ups and downs over that decade. I recall several times where irc.criten.net had either stopped accepting IRC connections or totally disappeared from DNS, as my own IRCd became flooded with criten.net users. These ups and downs were likely caused by denial of service attacks or DMCA takedown notices.

Just a few days ago I noticed that www.criten.net isn’t a valid DNS entry and this is the source of a bit of confusion. irc.criten.net is still up and running. Google, when searched with “criten.net” as a keyword, is filled with a whole series of pages asking “where is criten.net?” with no answers.

Given their ups and downs in the past, don’t be surprised if they have downtime.