Windows Loader by Daz v2.1

I thought I’d post about Windows Loader by Daz as I’ve previously blogged about v1.9.7. I recently noticed that Daz has released several new versions since I blogged about it in March. The current 2.1 version was released on the 28th of November.

While 1.9.7 still works perfectly fine for me and every update sees no change to the status of Windows Activation Technology, new versions are worth noting because of the addition of further SLICs taken from OEM pre-installations of Windows 7, and further advanced options to fiddle with. I haven’t bothered to install 2.1, I figure I won’t install a new version of Windows Loader until activation stops working, but its worth noting for any new installs to use the latest version available.

Current releases for Windows Loader by Daz can be found here.

Windows Loader by Daz v2.1 can be downloaded here.

Cracking Windows 7 Service Pack 1

Well I finally got my Windows 7 Ultimate machine cracked. I ran into some trouble because I had previously used RemoveWAT and Chew-WGA and the WGA files had been modified. But it was easy to fix these, it was actually harder to track down how to fix these.

  • I installed Service Pack 1
  • I ran WGA Fix. This rebooted my computer after running for 5 minutes or so.
  • I installed Windows Loader 1.9.7 by Daz with the ASUS SLIC, ASUS Certificate, ASUS Serial & Ignore SLIC option set. I used all the ASUS options as I have an ASUS mainboard. Daz tends to recommend to use the default Acer SLIC, Certificate & Serial. Windows Loader rebooted my computer after less than a minute.
  • I validated my computer on the Microsoft website in Internet Explorer. It passed.
  • I right clicked on the desktop, selected personalize, and picked out the Windows 7 Aero Theme to repair the theme damage caused by the not genuine notices

Cracked Windows 7 and Service Pack 1

win7notgenuineSo I installed Service Pack 1 on my machine which runs a cracked copy of Windows 7 Ultimate. I now get the not genuine notices.

Windows Loader by Daz 1.9.7 supposedly can crack Service Pack 1 however it hasn’t worked for me.

This also means that both RemoveWAT and Chew-WGA have been defeated.

For now I’ll leave it but I will eventually look into how to get rid of these not genuine notices and blog about it.